Safety Courses

Crew Resource Management

All CPL as well as Airline Transport Pilot licence holders are required to attend a Crew Resource Management (CRM) course once a year after an initial two day CRM course. Westline Aviation is accredited to offer both courses with competent and accredited presenters. Westline Aviation has serviced 12 international clients in this regard and numerous local aviation companies and individuals, including the South African Air Force (SAAF) and the South African Police Airwing.

Dangerous Goods Training (DG)

DG training courses for air crew and flight planners are presented throughout the country.

Human Factors for Maintenance Personnel

MRM courses are provided for customers throughout the country and abroad.

Radio Telephony Training

The school provides radio telephony training for restricted and general radio licences.

Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)

The Cockpit Resource Management course Introduces pilots to the skills of safe and effective crew processes. The initial course is creative and participative, using a range of techniques to create the awareness of the importance of CRM in the cockpit.

Recurrent training will build on the foundation provided by the initial CRM course, but will be more specific to address particular issues within a specific operation.

Flight Safety Managers Course

All flight institutions are required to have a qualified Flight Safety Manager to facilitate safety matters. The school provides a 5 day Flight safety managers Course.

Aviation Accident Investigators Course

This specialised course is presented for customers who need to acquire the skills to investigate accidents and incidents to ascertain causation. This four week course is facilitated by highly specialised and experienced professionals to facilitate such an advance course.