International Students

You need to apply for a study visa through the South African Embassy in your country. A non-refundable fee of $715.00 into our bank account will activate the process of selection. We will issue you with an acceptance letter for 24 months. The fee paid will include the compulsory medical cover required by the embassy. We make use of Discovery Health which gives the best comprehensive cover and they are a reputable company.

Half of the remainder of the course fee need to be paid 6 weeks after commencing training and the balance in 18 weeks after start date.

Foreign Licence Validation

To Validate your foreign PPL or CPL license in South Africa you will need to participate in the following processes:

  • A lecture on South African procedures law aspects and the use of the different types of airspaces
  • Complete the Air Law exam, which consists of a multiple choice exam scenario of 30 minutes
  • One hour of preparation flight on a C172 in which basic flying aspects will be addressed as well as hot and high operations.
  • Flight test which will include a cross country as well as a general handling skills test
  • Validation of the paper work at the SACAA offices

In order for us to facilitate the process for you the following documents will be required:

  • Pilot's Logbook
  • Valid Pilot Licence
  • Any other documentation pertaining to your pilot's licence