Hour Building

Hour building on fixed wing and helicopter

One of the frustrations faced by freshly PPL and CPL pilots is being able to attain the pre-requisite hours in obtaining the Commercial Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License.

Thanks to our fantastic weather conditions, breathtaking scenery, and affordable living standards, Bloemfontein is justifiable one of the greatest places to do hour building.

We ensure that a sensible structured approach is followed, and practical experience is gained en-route during cross country flights we arrange as "Fly Away" Packages. The "Fly Away" packages are specifically compiled to include precision navigation, landing on dirt and or grass runways, flying into busy airports, etc. Therefore, we ensure the pilot is gaining valuable experience, equipped with additional skills, and reinforces safety procedures that should be second nature to all pilots.

Westline is dedicated to making it both easy and affordable with special rates for hour builders.

It is not just to build hours, but to build confidence!