Flight Training Environment - New Tempe Airport

Helicopter training image

New Tempe Airport comprises of two asphalt surfaced runways, two glider strips, and parallel taxi/micro-light landing strips next to the main runways. Westline is based in uncontrolled airspace with the Bloemfontein general flying area within five minutes of flying to the North

Weather Patterns

Situated in the heart of South Africa, we have excellent flying conditions with the weather hardly ever the reason for flight cancellations. Bloemfontein has 12 hours of daylight available for training in the summer and 10 hours in winter. More and frequent air time means less time spent at the school, which means less expense in stay and travel.

Available Airspace

As we are in the center of South Africa, route flying is more readily available, and flying to larger centres in the country is quite possible. Our airspace is not clogged!

Training Airfield

Tempe is self-regulated concerning air traffic control, and ground time is restricted to taxi and pre-take-off checks. No excessive orbiting when doing circuits. At Tempe, you get an average of two to three times more landings per slot, which means you go solo earlier and thus again, save money. More time in the air means more practice time!

Fixed wing training image

Night Flying Restrictions

There are no restrictions on the hours night flying we may do. Combine this with our excellent weather, and you will get your night rating done in no time!

Surrounding Area

Not only does Bloemfontein cater to all social needs, we also have exquisite beauty in the countryside. Our nearby mountains and game farms are spectacular. In the city, all the different denominations (beliefs) are provisioned for. You are here to study, and because of the quieter environment, your studies will be expedited, with fewer funds required to achieve your goal.

Examination Centre

Westline hosts an online accredited examination center for the theoretical subjects of the Private Pilot License and Instructors rating. The exams written in the examination room are under the surveillance of a remote invigilator, and strict exam protocol is followed. A set amount of time is allowed to complete the multiple-choice questions. Results are given immediately, accompanied by a coaching report that indicates the incorrectly answered questions. The pass rate is 75%.

Examination Preparation

Students are required to pass mock exams before they can attempt the SACAA exams. Our policy is that our instructors must declare our students fit for exams. This holds for PPL, CPL, and Instructors exams. When we are satisfied that your mock exams have found you to be competent to write the required exams, then only will you be allowed to write. You can rely on our support!