Advanced Training

Westline Aviation can provide advance Helicopter and Fixed Wing training for private, military and para-military institutions:

  • Game Rating
  • Sling Rating
  • Winch Rating
  • Mountain Flying
  • Low-Level Tactical Flying
  • Aerobatic Rating
  • NVG Training

The advanced courses are led by Charlie Marais on Fixed-Wing and Helicopter. All pilots from PPL to ATPL can benefit from attending these courses.

NVG Training

Westline Aviation offers a comprehensive advanced Helicopter flight training course consisting of flying skills such as tactical low-level flying, mountain flying, and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) work.

City navigation, city landings, and vehicle command and control form part of a course presented for security, military, and para-military forces. Game ratings are performed and dedicated to pilots working in the game industry. As an ex-military pilot, Charlie Marais is trained for advanced utilisations.