Westline Drakensberg Ballooning

There can be no better way to start your day than by majestically floating through the African sky at sunrise in a hot air balloon. To drift slowly with the wind over breath, taking in the Drakensberg scenery, is a unique combination of exhilaration and serenity. It is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Drakensberg Ballooning offers scenic hot air balloon flights over KwaZulu-Natal with panoramic views stretching from the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg to Giants Castle in the Southern Drakensberg.

For decades, our goal has been to provide a world-class leisure activity, safely and consistently.

What to Expect?

Every flight is different and depends entirely on wind speed and direction on the day. Upon arrival at the launch site, you will receive a full technical and safety briefing. As soon as the balloon is fully inflated, passengers will be asked to climb aboard. As we ascend, the beauty of the landscape unfolds beneath us, and within minutes, you will be cruising at several thousand feet and be able to see for miles around. It is a seemingly motionless experience; the only thing breaking the silence will be the occasional roar of the burners.

For a magical hour, we fly with the wind, but eventually, we have to return to earth. After finding a suitable and safe landing spot, the pilot will bring the balloon into the land. The retrieval crew will help to pack up the balloon and transport us back to our vehicles by road.

Whether it is something you want to tick off on your bucket list and or gift, the gift of flight to your favorite person, this is an experience not be missed.

Our launch site is Glen Gray, 6 km from Winterton on route to Cathedral Peak.

GPS Co-Ordinates:

  • S28° 49.647
  • E29° 27.927

Please Contact:

Cell: +27 (0)78 064 6209 - Daniel