Cathedral Peak Hotel

Your helicopter specialists in the Drakensberg and Northern KZN. Located at the Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg.

Usually reserved for the rich and famous, you can become a highflyer for the day with a helicopter experience.

Your heart will race as the blades begin to spin and you are lifted gracefully into the air, before cutting through the clouds at up to 120mph. Whether you decide to hover over the magnificent countryside of the Northern KZN or soar above the Drakensberg peaks, you will get the opportunity to view truly breathtaking sights from a unique perspective.

We offer a variety of services:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Private Charters
  • Aerial Photography and Surveying
  • VIP and Corporate Transport
  • Wedding Flights
  • Damage Assessment
  • Stock Theft Recovery
  • Aerial Security
  • Private Charters
  • Tours
  • Pipe & Power line Inspections
  • Geographical Inspections

Other Excursions:

Game Reserves

Fly to several local parks, then join a professional ranger for a game drive or a horseback drive.

Battle Fields

Fly to any number of battlefields in Northern Natal where you will be met by a guide that will give you a recount of the historic battle. Tell us what you want to see, and we will arrange it.

Double Trouble

A helicopter flight coupled with white water rafting or abseiling.

Wedding Flights

Tying the knot on top of the world or get married on the ground, and we’ll fly you somewhere special to take your photos.

Give us a call and we will cater to your unique requirements.

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Please Contact:

Cellphone: +27 (0)73 166 7306


Scenic Flight Quotation

* All flights are subjected to Weather and Pilot discretion. Rates will be quoted per hour or part thereof.