Westline Trucking

Another division added to the Westline group of companies!

Westline Trucking did not come by chance. The multiple delays in delivery, leaving us without aviation fuel, happened once too often. An aircraft without fuel is no better than a full-size mock-up. Everyone admires it, but no one can use it. Aircraft and helicopters are not supposed to be exhibitions, they are meant to grace the skies.

For a fuel supplier to run out of fuel due to delayed delivery because the tanker company can only move when a full load is on the road, or due to the batching of fuel at the main depot, it makes for poor and unpredictable business.

For these reasons, we decided to cater to the 10 000 Lt up to 46 000 Lt deliveries. No place is too remote or the job too complicated for us to come up with an operational solution. With our tank combinations, we can transport Avgas and JetA1 according to the customer's needs. We pride ourselves on delivering within the week. This only becomes possible because we can negotiate with more than one main supplier. Price, dependability, and versatility are but a few of our qualities.

Christo Wiese, a CPL pilot, a qualified electrician, and technical wizard, has ensured that all tanks can unload into any container. Whether it be another tank with pressure transfer up to drums and small trailer tanks, Christo has both the experience and the ability to complete the job. He previously converted two 17 000 Lt tanks into fuel bowsers, Avgas and JetA1.

Come to think of it, Christo also heads a team capable of installing, not only fuel tanks of any size above ground but also the plumbing that goes with it. It's a specialist job and our project management, welders as well as safety specialists, ensure that all required standards are met. Just stipulate your request, and we will execute the entire job.

Our customers include airport fuel suppliers, game operators, survey specialists, air show organizers, air race event committees, and even private pilots who are remotely situated.

We fill, seal and supply and deliver drums of fuel wherever you may need it, and because we are operationally minded, time and efficiency are always part of the deal. Your need is ours to satisfy.

Now that you know about us, why not test the team? Compare our prices and the combination of solutions we can offer.

Contact Westline at (051) 451-1717 or Christo at 084 034 9168.