To Boeta Dippenaar
Thank you for your professional, kind and caring approach to instruction.
Thank you for the patience and encouragement.
You are truly a wonderful person and instructor.
May "Abba Father" bless you in all your ways.

-- Lindsay Pretorius

Hi Boeta
Herewith comments after my check ride from my Chief Pilot:
I thought it was a huge compliment to you, as you were the last to have any influence on my flying.
Thanks a mill!
Take care.

" Lee-Anne has flown a well-coordinated Festival City line check. Approaches and departure to the helipad were well flown and Single Pilit CRM skills were well handled. Her recent issue of the South African ATPL and Instrument Rating has given her a marked increase in confidence and should be very pleased with her performance. "

-- Dubai

It was a great pleasure dealing with you and for getting the information so quickly. I am sure this is going to be a whole new world for me and I am looking forward to doing it with Westline Aviation.

-- Michael

How Westline Aviation is preparing me towards my Commercial Pilot License.

My relationship with Westline Aviation and its staff has been for the past one and half years. In order for me to explain to you, my experience here I must start of by telling you how I got the passion of becoming a pilot.

As a young boy I lived close to the airport and I saw day in day out aircrafts take to the skies. I grew curious and wanted to know and learn more and wanted to become a PILOT.

After high school I studied engineering for four years and then contacted a few schools in South Africa for pilot training and I was impressed by the way Westline assisted me in pursuing with my career in aviation. I flew into Bloemfontein and was welcomed by Westline at the airport who dropped me at the facilities I was going to stay at for the time I will be doing my training at Westline.

The following day I was introduced to all the staff and instructors of Westline and then I was taken to the sky where I flew the aircraft for the first time and to myself I said this is what I always wanted to do, with time I progressed and got my Private Pilots License (PPL), now I am working towards my Commercial Pilots License (CPL).

From what I have experienced and learned at Westline Aviation training environment, I can definitely say that the knowledge I will be taking from this flight academy once I am done with my training will lead to me landing a very great job in the Aviation industry some day. What I will never forget is the mentorship I received from the first day I embarked on my aviation career, the grooming I received and still receiving to make me a better pilot for the challenges I will face in the later stage of life.

-- Wasim Shakil (Foreign CPL Training Student)