Our Fleet

FNPT II Simulator

Westline has an FNPT II Generic Multi-Engine Piston Simulator, based on the Piper PA34, which exceeds the standards required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for the accreditation of such devices. We incorporate Simulator Flights as part of the training to help keep the cost of training down.

FNPT II Training Credits under the South African Civil Aviation Authority:

  • 5 hours towards the initial PPL and Night Rating.
  • 20 hours towards the initial Instrument Rating.
  • 25 hours towards ATPL.
  • 3 hours of training towards an Instrument Rating in another category.
  • A maximum of 3 hours of the dual flight training may be acquired towards a multi-engine class rating.
  • Annual Instrument Revalidation check with a Designated Flight Examiner according to a SACAA approved testing procedure.
  • Aspects of the initial Instrument rating skills test that cannot be conducted in an airplane, including one type of the required instruments approaches.
  • Preparation towards GRII and Grade I flight Instructors rating.
  • Aspects of the Initial tests towards a GII or Gr I Flight Instructors rating that cannot be conducted in an airplane, including one type of the required instrument, approaches.
  • Gr I and Gr II Flight instructor revalidation flight tests.
  • Maintenance of competency for an ATPL.
  • 10 hours of instrument time, including at least 5 instrument approach procedures and a missed approach required for revalidation of an Instrument Rating lapsed for more than 24 months.
  • Instrument Rating regency.

The following aircraft are used for ab-initio training

Cessna 172

Westline's fleet consists mainly of C172's. This model is the best-selling, most frequently flown aircraft ever built. The durability, strength, and stability, for which the Cessna is famous, makes it an ideally suitable aircraft for ab-initio training. It has a distinguished reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft available.


Piper Cherokee 28A-140


The following aircraft are used for more advance flight training

The Piper Arrow provides an easy transition for students moving up to a complex aircraft.

Piper Cherokee 28R-180


Piper Arrow 28R-200


Piper Cherokee 28R-180


Piper Cherokee 28R-180


Piper Cherokee 28R-180


Beechcraft Baron BE 55


Beechcraft Bonanza 36


Robinson R44


Robinson R22