Company Profile

Westline Aviation has been active at the New Tempe Airport near Bloemfontein (S29 01 57.70, E26 09 28.80) for the last 13 years and offers an extensive range of aviation-related courses and programs.

List of our operating Licenses:

Training Organisation (ATO) Part 141 – CAA/0038

There are 2 lecture rooms that can house 12 and 24 students respectively.

  • Night Rating - Heli & FW
  • Instrument Rating - Heli & FW
  • Instructors Rating - Heli & FW
  • Helicopter Advanced Training Program
  • Class Rating - Heli & FW
  • Type Rating - Heli & FW
  • Tug / Safety Rating
  • Turbine Engine Airplane Flight Instructor Endorsement
  • Initial Turbine Rating Airplane
  • Radio Telephony
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • CRM Presenters Course
  • Human Factors for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Dangerous Goods (DG)
  • Aircraft Accident Investigators Course
  • Night Vision Imaging System Course
  • NVG Flight Training
  • Quality Assurance and Auditing Course
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures Training (SEPT) for Flight Deck Crew
  • Flight Operations Management Training Course
  • One Day Grade II and Grade III Instructors Seminar
  • Simulator Training
  • Conventionally controlled Microlight Aeroplanes (CCMA)
  • CAA Testing Centre
  • English Proficiency
  • Conversion Training
  • Recurrent Training & Checking

Westline Charter

The company is a registered charter operator under licence of the South African Civil Aviation.

  • Class II Air Service License – N235D
  • CLASS III Air Service License – G869D

Charter Aeroplane Part 135 – CAA/N235D

The company operates 14 aircraft for various charter purposes and has operations in two different locations.

Charter Helicopter and Game Work
Part 127 – CAA/G869D

The company operates 8 helicopters in three locations. These helicopters are utilised over the spectrum of training and charter requirements.