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    We all love to be up in the big blue yonder, aviation is our business and our passion!

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    With a wide range of courses offered, Westline will make your flight dream a reality!

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    The FNTP II Seneca III Simulator is now available at Westline Aviation!

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    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away" - Hilary Cooper

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    "It is not about the destination, it is about the journey!"
    - Author unknown

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    Helicopter experiences over the majestic KZN Drakensberg escarpment!

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Our staff are working from home and will assist during normal trading hours

Physical flying will commence July 2020

Trading Hours

Monday – Friday (07h00 – 18h00)

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays (08h00 – 14h00)

You want to Become a Pilot?

Westline Aviation welcomes you!

But, before you take the plunge, it is essential to know what you are getting yourself in to!

Selection of the correct training establishment is as important as your decision to become a pilot. Well, look no further! We here at Westline Aviation maintain all the essential elements that you as an aspiring pilot should be looking for. Finally, an organisation that can be trusted to put your flight training needs first!

Westline Aviation is ideally situated at New Tempe Airport in Bloemfontein and provides world class training on both Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopters. A highly qualified and dedicated team are on call to support your full spectrum of training. We pledge to give you the best training, not only flying knowledge and skills, but also a healthy attitude towards flight safety.

Our website will tell you more about us; such as the various courses offered and the quality of training we provide. Find out first-hand why Westline Aviation is held in such high regard in the aviation industry and why we are proud of our flight training institution.

So, whether you want to be a recreational pilot or an Airline pilot, our team is ready to assist you in taking this important step towards realising your dream.

The Best Pilot Training, Knowledge and Skills

All training modules offered are incorporated into an integrated master plan; flight training elements will be done in accordance with ICAO principles. Our training is highly structured and integrates ground and flight instruction, our courses are designed to make you a safe and proficient pilot.

A message from Charlie

Some want to fly because they heard it was great fun, others because they are seeking to make it their career. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to take to the air, it is definitely an experience you will never forget! The intensity and freedom of flight, and the skills which are acquired and developed, are to mention but a few perks of learning how to fly. For the past 41 years I have made a career out of flying and have never worked a day in my life. The promise of elevating myself above the earth in a fixed or rotor wing aircraft is enough to make me rush off to my office in the sky every day. To strap any size air vehicle to my back is such a privilege that I dare not miss an opportunity. I live my dream, sometime upside down, but I promise you, the earth is round...

There is however a few basics one needs to know before venturing into the flying game:

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With the freedom of flight comes a highly disciplined and professional, hard studying, and highly dedicated individual. Pick your school very carefully, flying is not cheap, so ask the questions, or do you consider your life cheap? If it is easy then there are cheating or incompetent trainers believe me, nothing easy and cheap in life is really worth attaining, so do not make your flying experience a regrettable experience. To be a professional pilot or pilot instructor, make sure you are trained by a professional. Too expensive, then you are paying for the name. Too cheap you are in for low qualified and poor instruction and probably poorly maintained aircraft.

Make sure your school has enough aircraft, instructors, not too busy an airfield with uncluttered airspace. Bad weather conditions will always make your course more expensive and spread over a longer time. Read the fine print to find list the extras that you are not quoted for. Is South African VAT included; if not then it is against the law. Is the fuel, landing fees, instructors fees and so on, included? Everything makes up for the bottom line and many advertise to lure you with a seemingly cheap quote, but then you are in for a surprise which always comes too late.

To shop in a big city is a good experience; to fly around a big city is a waste of time.

Oh yes, the aviation world is ever expanding, in three years from now you will be needed, but will you be ready?