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Westline Aviations has the following facilities:
  • Office Complex. There are 16 offices available for company as well as flight instructor activities.
  • Lecture Rooms. There are two separate lecture rooms that can house 12 and 24 students respectively.
  • Instrument Flying Procedural Simulator. The IF simulator is SACAA accredited and has full hands on capability, simulating aeroplanes similar to those used for instrument flying in preparation for CPL licence holders and those individuals requiring a night rating.

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  • Lounge: The lounge offers resting facilities for visiting air crew and passengers.
  • Ablutions: The ablution facilities cater for men and women from 08h00 till 18h00 daily.

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Hangars. Westline has five hangars owned and leases three more to look after the need of utilised aircraft and helicopters.

Aircraft. The school has five Cessna 172 aeroplanes 2 Cherokees and two R22 helicopters. A Mooney is used for variable pitch and retractable ratings as well as test prep for single engine CPL. The school has a Baron 55 for multi ratings. We have the usage of 2 x R44 and 2 x Hughes 300 helicopters for training as well as game work. A Robinson R44 helicopter is available for charter work, carrying up to three passengers in comfort. Fixed wing single and twin aircraft are available for charter purposes

Maintenance. There is a maintenance unit, Ferreira Aviation, on Tempe airfield which provides all our maintenance needs.

Grounds maintenance Equipment. Westline has its own tractor and industrial grass cutting equipment to cater for the Tempe grounds as well as runway clearways. The company has two vehicles for administrative tasks as well as for transportation of students to and from the student house.

Student Houses. The school has two dedicated 8 bedroom houses for students. A shuttle service drives twice daily between the school and the student house.

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Student Quarters on Tempe Airfield. We have a 12 bedroom flat complex newly built on the airfield.

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Examination Centre. The school has a three seat examination centre where PPL on-line CAA examinations can be performed. We also test radio telephony competency in house. Mock examinations are available for PPL as well as for CPL levels.

ATC. Tempe Airport has no ATC facility which affords little to no delays in getting airborne. The airfield layout is suited for circuit training and Westline Aviation monitors traffic intensity to give traffic advise where necessary. All students are however required to contact Bloemfontein International after takeoff and as such Radio Telephony is covered to CPL standard. Route RT is covered as per normal throughout the country.


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Airport Management:

We are the appointed airport management contractor responsible for upkeep and safe conduct of flying operations at Tempe Airport.


Contact the Westline Aviation to discuss availability.

Fuel and Oil Provision:

We are the contract holder for providing aviation fuel (jet fuel and avgas) and oil through Engen.


The following Fixed-wing aircraft are available for charters and training:

  • 5 X Cessna
  • 2 X Piper Cherokee
  • 1 X Mooney M20
  • 1 X Beech Barron (multi-engine)

The following Helicopters are available for game work and training:

  • 2 X Robinson R22
  • 2 X Robinson R44
  • 2 X Hughes 300


Student accommodation is available in the form of two fully-equipped student houses, as well as 12 on-site rooms specifically built and equipped for Westline student pilots.

Korhaan Lodge Guesthouse provides accommodation to Westline guests and pilots passing through Bloemfontein. It has 13 comfortable and affordable rooms available, and is a 5 minute drive from Westline.

Westline Head Office

Telephone: +27 (0)51 451 1717
Cell CEO: +27 (0)83 305 8776
Cell Office: +27 (0)82 574 0317
Fax: +27 (0)51 451 1641
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dragon Peaks Park

Tel: +27 (0)36 468 1031
Fax: +27 (0)36 468 1104
Cell: +27 (0)83 652 7493
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Cathedral Peak Hotel

Tel: +27 (0)36 468 2055
Fax: +27 (0)86 657 7173
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