Why Westline?

Weather Patterns.  Westline is situated in the heart of South Africa blessed with excellent flying weather.  We have over 300 days to fly and enjoy that which is our purpose.  This saves a lot of money because more and frequent air time means less time spent at the school which means less expenses in stay and travel.  If you compare this to any of the coastal schools, you will find a major saving in this area.  Ask any ex-coastal student!

Available Air Space.  Route flying is more readily available and flying to the bigger centres in the country is quite possible, you are in the centre of South Africa.  Our airspace is not clogged!

Training Airfield.  Tempe is self regulated concerning air traffic control and the ground time is thus restricted to taxi and pre-takeoff checks.  When flying in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas you will find as a fact that a minimum of one third of all flying hours logged by students are actually spent on the ground!  Ask any student from Gauteng or where flying slots are allocated. You miss your slot, you are out, not here at Tempe. No slot times!  No excessive orbiting when doing circuits.  At some airfield like Wonderboom you would do one circuit, but three orbits before you get a landing practice in.  Not here.  Here you get on average two to three times more landings in per sortie which means you go solo earlier and thus again, save money.  Thus more air time and more practice time!

Accommodation and Travel.  Travel anywhere in Gauteng or any of the bigger coastal cities and you will know what time wasted due to road traffic means.  Here in Bloemfontein all areas are reached within 10 minutes!  Our accommodation is most comfortable and our student transport service on schedule every time.  And to boot, just compare our prices.  No, we do not believe that we should make our money through ripping off resident students.  Ask around and you will understand this as factual in the industry.

Discipline.  We have been accused of being too disciplined or “Military”.  What a compliment!  Discipline is the foundation of all successful industries and Aviation even more so.  If you want to lounge around because you have money to waste, this school is NOT for you.  We have professional and excellent relations with our students, but we show respect and discipline is the foundation of our relationships.  We have ex-military instructors and we cherish their professionalism and great care to make the students operational for the real world. 

Relationship.  We listen to the needs of our students.  We are also policy driven and as such everyone knows what is required.  When your needs are not in line with good aviation practice, we will explain why and guide you further.  If you come up with a good idea, we listen and adapt.  We have excellence as a core value at Westline.

Cheating Students out of Money.  The following are our values in this regard:

  • Refund.  When you have to, or elect to leave the school, we refund you fully the credit in your account.
  • Value Added Tax of 14%.  It is illegal for VAT registered companies in South Africa not to charge VAT of 14%, even if you are a foreign student.  We have to by law and there are schools breaking this law.  Foreign students are allowed to reclaim this VAT of 14% on certain acquisitions with proof provided on your Tax Invoices as they leave the country.  Local students are not allowed to reclaim VAT.

Night Flying Restrictions.  There are no restriction to the hours we may do night flying.  Combine this with our excellent weather and you will get your night rating in no time at all!

City and Facilities.  Bloemfontein caters for all the normal social needs, but we also have exquisite beauty in the countryside.  Our nearby mountains and game farms are spectacular.  All the different denominations (beliefs) are catered for in the City.  But, you are here to study and because of the more quiet environment, your studies will be quicker and again less funds expended to achieve your goal.

Exam Prep.  Our policy is that our instructors must declare our students fit for exams.  This hold true for PPL, CPL and Instructors exams.  When we are satisfied that your Mock exams are proving you to be competent to write, then you will be allowed.  It works, just ask our students that partakes in this program.  So, no longer are you left to your own struggles and devices, we support!

Hidden Cost.  There are no hidden costs.  Our quotes looks more expensive, but do the math.  You are going to pay all the fees anyway, whether you know it now or not.  Hiding the costs selectively from you to get your business is just a cheap party trick!  So compare apples with apples, that is why we list everything so that you can see, budget and have NO nasty surprises.

Combination Courses.  The best money for a school is if you first do the CPL, then the Instructors and then the Multi Rating.  Well, the law allow us to integrate some of these ratings into the CPL initial course.  Ask us and you will see that there is a mountain of money to save!

Overbooking.  We certainly do NOT book you when we know there are not enough aircraft or instructors.  Yes, we also have technical glitches now and then, but those are either a scheduled servicing or a rare out of the ordinary event.  We take you because we have the infrastructure.

Westline Ethos.  Our value system dictates fairness, transparency, helpfulness, only the truth, openness, to go the extra mile and fairness.  We can add many more, but should you catch us on one of these, please make it known, because it is about time that there are an operator out there that one can really TRUST – Westline!

Westline Head Office

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