Westline Policies and Procedures

Financial policy

The quotation as supplied by Westline Aviation remains an estimate to the cost as fuel prices and spiralling maintenance costs will only be adjusted as required and are not compensated for in the quote.

Westline Aviation requires an upfront payment of R15 000 for aeroplane and R30 000 for helicopter training into an account opened for the student during registration.

Accounts are not allowed to run into arrears and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure timely payment to ensure training continuation. Reception and bookkeeping staff will assist and also remind students when necessary.

Flying when in arrears will not be allowed

Foreign student must ensure a minimum of R15 000 credit in the account at all times. When funds drop below this amount, flying will be suspended to ensure funds for stay and travel arrangements as required, or to settle the account when required.

Full upfront payment is acceptable, but students must take note that an increase in cost would influence the final cost towards the required licence.

Credits will be refunded without delay when a student leaves the school.

An initial administrative fee (international students) of R5000, which will be used to secure a hospital plan and the first weeks accommodation, will be required in advance. This amount is included in the quotation for the ground school phase.

Flight Medical

We believe that it all starts with the student being declared fit to fly by a medical doctor qualified to do flight medical examinations.

Students must make their own medical bookings as per their convenience with the following flight medical doctor:

Dr David du Toit

Phillip Street 11

Fichard Park


Telephone: 051 522 6125

Fax: 051 525 2138

Cell: 083 440 4576

The doctor will issue you with a yellow and a white small certificate. This certificate must please be brought to Westline for safekeeping and to be sent for your student pilot licence.

Depending on your age and other possible factors, you will be required to go for a medical yearly or bi-annually. The medical lapse date will be displayed on your pilots licence.


All new students and staff members must fill in a personal details questionnaire for administrative and training file (Portfolio of Evidence) requirements. Last page of this document must be filled in and returned to the school via mail, fax or electronic means.


Each student will as part of the initial induction process receive a Helicopter or Aeroplane specific PoE. The PoE is the personal belonging of the student, but the PoE is not allowed to be removed from Westline premises unless the student leaves the school.

The PoE will stay at Westline premises after qualification of the pilot and will only be given to the pilot when leaving to another city or school. In such a case a copy of the candidates in-house training part must be retained and archived.

Each instructor pilot and charter pilot will maintain a PoE in accordance with Westline’s Part 141 Manual of procedure.


All office bearing personnel must read and sign Westline Aviation Part 141 MOP.


All new students will be allocated an initial instructor who will be responsible for the induction process, application for Student Pilot Licence (SPL) and all flying as well as admin requirements. The instructor will act as the student’s mentor in all facets of grooming an internationally acceptable commercial or private pilot.

Students are free to ask for instructor changes should they for personal reasons feel the need to. Such a request must be put to the respective Chief Flying Instructor or company CEO.


There are two flight authorisation books. One for training purposes which includes all dual training flights, student solo flights, initial licence tests, conversions and renewal tests.

The second authorisation book is for hire and fly purposes as well as for charter flights.

All flights, irrespective of the type or owner of the air vehicle, will be duly entered into one of the authorisation books.

Qualified pilots may authorise their own flights when clearance to perform the flights has been given by Westline Ops Manager. Booking acceptance by Westline serves as company authorisation and flight consent.


Special care must be taken to complete the before and after flight reports in the air vehicle flight log. All requirements of the log must be filled in completely as negligence in this area may lead to possible licence suspension. (SACAA and ICAO legislated requirements)


A Red and Blue tag system is in use. This is an administrative system to ensure that all aircrew be up to date with important flight or administrative procedures. All air crew must read and sign the tag log before flight when new information is indicated on the board. All air crew must check this system during flight authorisation as a standard procedure prior to flight.


Facility Evacuation. All newcomers to Westline Aviation must be briefed and be made aware of the fire evacuation routes displayed on the wall, as well as made aware of the fire extinguisher positions in the building, as well as at the refuelling bay.

Crash Plan. All personnel, students and clients of Westline Aviation must be made aware of the location of the emergency plan describing the procedures to be followed in the event of a flight accident.

Emergency Numbers. All personnel, clients and students must be made aware of the location of the emergency numbers which must be used in the event of any situation leading to the requirement of external response.


Policy Documents. All new clients or staff must read the existing Policy file and sign as read and understood to ensure that they are up to date with internal rules.

Aircraft Towing. Only Westline Appointed and Trained personnel are allowed to operate the quad bike for towing of aircraft. Clients and students may assist in towing operations under supervision of Westline personnel.

Fight Protocol and Procedures.

Like any other sport or organisation, flying and the flying fraternity has its own protocol of behaviour. The following few pointers are mentioned, but these are by no means all:

· Flying Dress. CPL students are expected to wear pilot uniform with black shoes, navy long pants and a white pilot shirt with the stripes earned. See “rank” stripes in company policy documents. PPL students may fly in normal casual wear, but no “slops, plakkies or sandals” may be worn when flying. Shoes or sport shoes will do. Always look good, your image is what makes other people believe in you and trust you. Your image cannot be bought, it is a natural result of excellent behaviour and good work ethics!

· General Behaviour. It is expected that students and staff will at all times behave in an impeccable manner so as to protect their own as well as the schools good image. Particularly excessive drinking are discouraged and no “hung-over” person will be allowed at the school or near the aircraft or flight line.

All relevant procedures and rules of the air will be covered with students as they progress. No student will fly before passing the Air Law examination.

Ask, rather than to discover by chance, this might cost your life or the aircraft or both.

Students and staff must attend the monthly flight safety meeting, Flight safety will be weaved through the course and students must BELIEVE when the instructors warn you about behaviour not conducive to safe flight and ground operations. Safety is NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Aircraft Refuelling. Only Westline employees trained and appointed to refuelling duties may perform refuelling duties on aircraft.

Head Sets (Ear Phones). Westline provides head sets for aeroplanes only. These items may not be utilised without signing the appropriate log when drawing the equipment. Equipment must be signed back after usage. Due to hygiene factors, Westline encourages students and qualified pilots to acquire personal head gear (Included in Quotation).

Copier Usage. The copiers at Westline may only be used by Westline personnel and only for the purpose of the business. Private usage may be authorised at the prescribed rates.

Flight Procedure Simulator.The simulator is registered as a training device with a hobs metre and authorisation book. All flights must be logged. Take note that only simulator appointed instructors may utilise the equipment. Admin personnel will capture usage on a daily basis.

Vehicle Movement. No client or student vehicle is allowed on the flight line without authorisation by the staff. Parking inside the premise is restricted to boarders and overnight clients when arranged through Westline.

Hire and Fly.

Only Westline Aviation students and initiated flying customers will be allowed to hire and fly. The following must be adhered to:

· Fuel Cost. Westline Aviation fuel is one of the cheapest in the country and flying rates take this into consideration. When the aircraft is refuelled at another location, the difference in fuel price will be refunded or charged to the students account.

· Qualified Pilots Joining Westline. Qualified pilots wanting to hire and fly from Westline must have an area familiarisation flight, which will also serve as a duel check to ascertain the pilot standard. Pilots must take out excess insurance either at Westline or through a recognised broker. Note that hire and fly applicants must have credit prior to flying activities that will cover the envisaged flight time, ATC and away landing costs.


A notice board in the lounge area facilitates information on what is happening at Westline. Lists on ground school courses and supplementary training is kept on the board. Students must fill in their names to secure a place on the respective courses. Flight safety and other information must be perused with regular intervals. You are welcome to use the board for any flying related topics and photos.

Student Pilot licence

The student pilot licence is required prior to your first solo flight, but we encourage students to furnish all the required personal information, 4 x ID Photos and the flight medical to enable us to apply for your student pilot licence (SPL).

Westline Aviation will pay the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on your behalf and debit your account with this amount.

Excess Insurance

Westline insures all their aircraft and helicopters against possible damage. The excess payment for such claims is set at a minimum of R20 000. This amount is insured by the student. Presently R1600 for aeroplane and R5000 for helicopter. This insurance is particular to Westline alone. This coverage lasts for one year after which the insurance must be renewed.

Please do not fly without this cover!

Books and equipment

The following list of books and equipment will cover your requirement towards training and operating the aircraft:

· PPL Handbook (Worthingtons)

· Radio Telephony Handbook

· Radio Telephony Notes

· C172 Handbook

· Principles of Helicopter Flight (van Wagtendonk)

· R22 Handbook

· Pilot Flight Logbook

· Air Law Handbook

· Flight Computer

· Knee Board

· Map Navigation

· Ruler Navigation

· Protractor

· Night Flying Torch

· Westline Cap

· Westline T-Shirt

· Air Field Directory

· Head Set

· Flight Bag

· Full set of CPL Handbooks

Please note that there is lots of old material in circulation which in most cases are still useable, but when it comes to air law and such subjects, we must use the latest updated information. We recommend that you start your own aviation publication collection.

We have many other items in our pilot shop that are not listed. Should there be anything, such as for instance a GPS, please let us know, we can acquire it at a competitive price right here in Bloemfontein!

Flight booking system

The flight booking system allows for 5 slots of 2 hours each per day per aircraft. Naturally this is also limited by the following:

· Instructor availability

· Aircraft availability

· Weather conditions (Daily Met Reports Available)

Students must book well ahead to ensure the preferred slot times for training. Most of these flight bookings will be utilised for actual flight training, but some will be used to conduct ground briefings pertaining to the stage of flight instruction.

All flight bookings must be coordinated through the allocated instructor of the student.

Flight cancellation policy

Students must give at least 24 hours notice of cancellations as other students need to be contacted to take up the open slot times. A penalty of R250 is payable should the school not be able to fill the slot time with shorter than 24 hour notice. We will naturally try our best to keep the slot filled should you cancel on short notice. If we are successful, you will not be charged the penalty amount.


Phonetic alphabet





al fah





no vem ber





bra voh





oss cah





char lee





pa pah





dell tah





keh beck





eck oh





row me oh





foks trot





see airrah










tang go





hoh tell





you nee form





in dee ah





vik tah





jew lee ett





wiss key





key loh





ecks ray





lee mah

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